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на ISA карточке развести IRQ (isa hardware scheme io)

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Ключевые слова: isa, hardware, scheme, io,  (найти похожие документы)
_ RU.UNIX (2:5077/15.22) _____________________________________________ RU.UNIX _ From : Valentin Davydov 2:5020/400 Tue 08 Feb 28 09:20 Subj : на ISA карточке развести IRQ ________________________________________________________________________________ From: Valentin Davydov <> > From: "Igor Demchenko" <> > Date: 8 Feb 2000 07:39:40 +0300 > >> Кто тебе мешает на самой карточке развести прерывания на 2 и, скажем, 5? > >Карточка и мешает. Там можно только I/O разнести, а о прерываниях не слова. >Может быть их где-нибудь можно перепаять? Вопрос, только как? Как найти >нужное. Берёшь паяльник, резак и распечатку, и делаешь. ISABUS Pinout: (just ignore the 16-bit extension if you want the 8-bit bus) :-) --Tim AT I/0 CHANNEL (SYSTEM BUS) PINOUTS Pin Signal Description Direction* ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A1 -I/0 CH CK I/0 channel check;active low=parity error In A2 SD7 Data bit 7 In/Out A3 SD6 Data bit 6 In/Out A4 SD5 Data bit 5 In/Out A5 SD4 Data bit 4 In/Out A6 SD3 Data bit 3 In/Out A7 SD2 Data bit 2 In/Out A8 SD1 Data bit 1 In/Out A9 SDO Data bit 0 In/Out A10 -I/0 CH RDY I/0 Channel ready; pulled low to lengthen memory cycles In Al1 AEN Address enable; active high when DMA controls bus out A12 SA19 Address bft 19 out A13 SA18 Address bit 18 out A14 SA17 Address bit 17 Out A15 SA16 Address bit 16 out A16 SA15 Address bit 15 out A17 SA14 Address bit 14 out A18 SA13 Address bit 13 Out A19 SA12 Address bit 12 Out A20 SA11 Address bit 11 Out A21 SA1O Address bit 10 out A22 SA9 Address bit 9 Out A23 SAS Address bit 8 Out A24 SA7 Address bit 7 Out A25 SA6 Address bit 6 out A26 SAS Address bit 5 Out A27 SA4 Address bit 4 Out A28 SA3 Address bit 3 Out A29 SA2 Address bit 2 Out A30 SA1 Address bit 1 out A31 SA0 Address bit 0 Out B1 GROUND B2 RESET DRV Active high lo reset or Initialize system logic out B3 +5Vdc B4 IRQ9 Interrupt request 9 In B5 -5Vdc B6 DRQ2 DMA request 2 In B7 -12Vdc B8 -CARD SLCTD Card selected; activated by cards In XT's slot J8 In B9 +12Vdc B10 GROUND B11 -MEMW Memory write Out B12 -MEMR Memory read Out B13 -IOW I/O write In/Out B14 -IOR I/O read In/Out B15 -DACK3 DMA acknowledge 3 Out B16 DRQ3 DMA request 3 In B17 -DACK1 DMA acknowledge 1 Out B18 DRQ1 DMA request 1 In B19 -REFRESH Refresh In/Out B20 CLOCK System clock (67 ns,6 or 8MHz);50% duty cycle Out B21 IRQ7 Interrupt request 7 In B22 IRQ6 Interrupt request 6 In B23 IRQ5 Interrupt request 5 In B24 IRQ4 Intertupt request 4 In B25 IRQ3 Interrupt request 3 In B26 -DACK2 DMA acknowledge 2 Out B27 T/C Terminal count: pulses high when DMA term count reached Out B28 ALE Address latch enable Out B29 +5Vdc B30 OSC High-speed clock (70 ns, 14.31818Mhz),50%duty cycle Out B31 GROUND 16-bit AT extension ------------------- C1 SBHE System bus high enable (data available on SD8-15) In/Out C2 LA23 Address bit 23 (unlatched) In/Out C3 LA22 Address bit 22 (unlatched) In/out C4 LA21 Address bit 21 (unlatched) In/Out C5 LA20 Address bit 20 (unlatched) In/Out C6 LA19 Address bit 19 (unlatched) In/Out C7 LA18 Address bit 18 (unlatched) In/Out C8 LA17 Address bit 17 (unlatched) In/Out C9 -MEMR Memory read (active on all memory read cycles) In/Out C10 -MEMW Memory write (active on all memory write cycles) In/Out C11 SD08 Data bit 8 In/Out C12 SD09 Data bit 9 In/Out C13 SD10 Data bit 10 In/Out C14 SD11 Data bit 11 In/Out C15 SD12 Data bit 12 In/Out C16 SD13 Data bit 13 In/Out C17 SD14 Data bit 14 In/Out C18 SD15 Data bit 15 In/Out D1 -MEM CS16 Memory 16-bit chip select (1 wait, 16-bit memory cycle) In D2 -I/O CSI6 I/O 16-bit chip select (1 wait, 16-bit I/O cycle) In D3 IRQ10 Interrupt request 10 In D4 IRQ11 Interrupt request 11 In D5 IRQ12 Interrupt request 12 In D6 IRQ15 Interrupt request 13 In D7 IRQ14 Interrupt request 14 In D8 -DACK0 DMA acknowledge 0 Out D9 DRQO DMA request 0 In D10 -DACK5 DMA acknowledge 5 Out D11 DRQ5 DMA request 5 In D12 -DACK6 DMA acknowledge 6 Out D13 DRQ6 DMA request 6 In D14 -DACK7 DMA scknowledge 7 Out D15 DRQ7 DMA request 7 In D16 +5Vdc D17 -MASTER Used with DRQ to gain control of system In D18 Ground *-From system board Note:- All signals are at standard TTL levels. - Connector is a 62-pin edge connector with a secondary 36-pin edge connector. - A or C=component side of board; numbers start closest to rear panel of machine. Source:IBM PC/AT Technical Reference, pages 1-25 through 1-37 --- ifmail v.2.15dev4 * Origin: Demos online service (2:5020/400)

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