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1.2. Assumptions about the Local Area Network

Some specific assumptions about this sample network are:

Three workstations and a Server are connected with Ethernet cabling:

The IP addresses on the Ethernet side of this sample LAN have been taken from a pool addresses proposed reserved by RFC 1918 for use on private LANs, so you are free to use these actual IP addresses on your own LAN if you want. IP addresses are assigned as follows:

Name IP Address Comment
Curly The FreeBSD box
Larry The Win'95 box
Moe The WfW box
Shemp The Windows NT box

This guide assumes that the modem on the FreeBSD box is connected to the first serial port ('/dev/cuaa0' or 'COM1:' in DOS-terms).

Finally, we'll also assume that your Internet Service Provider (ISP) automatically provides the IP addresses of both your PPP/FreeBSD side as well as the ISP's side. (i.e.: Dynamic IP Addresses on both ends of the link.) Specific details for configuring the Dial-Out side of PPP will be addressed in Section 2, "Configuring the FreeBSD System".

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