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4.3. Configuring Windows for Workgroups

Configuring Windows for Workgroups to act as a network client requires that the Microsoft TCP/IP-32 driver diskette has been installed on the workstation. The TCP/IP drivers are not included with the WfW CD or diskettes; if you need a copy they're available at

Once the TCP/IP drivers have been loaded, perform the following steps:

Create the Windows for Workgroups "hosts" file:

In order to connect to the other TCP/IP systems on the LAN you'll need to create an identical copy of the "hosts" file that you installed on the FreeBSD system in Section 3.4.

Configure the Windows 95 TCP/IP Network Configuation settings

Configure the Windows for Workgroups IP Address:

Ensure the correct Ethernet Interface is selected in the "Adapter" list. If not, scroll down until it is displayed and select it by clicking on it.

Configure the Gateway information:

For our example network the FreeBSD box will be acting as our gateway to the Internet (routing packets between the Ethernet LAN and the PPP dial-up connection).

Configuring DNS:

Again, this guide assumes that your Internet Service Provider has given you a list of Domain Name Servers (or "DNS Servers") that you should use. If you wish to run a DNS server on your local FreeBSD system, refer to Section 6, "Exercise for the Interested Student" for tips on setting up DNS on your FreeBSD system.

Mopping up:

That's it!

For questions about FreeBSD, e-mail <>.
For questions about this documentation, e-mail <>.

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