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A. How is this document generated

So you want to know how I generated this HOWTO? Or, did you download SGML version of this document, modified some portions in it and now want to know how you can create HOWTO?

I made sure there are no errors in my SGML by first typing the command nsgmls -s ataraid.sgml. I created a script called makehowto and ran the command ./makehowto ataraid.sgml. Here is the my makehowto script:

# makehowto by Murty Rompalli
# (c) All Rights Reserved
# Free for non commercial use. All other uses must be authorized explicitly
# by the creator. Contact me for more info. murty@solar.m u r t

function maketut() {
echo;echo Creating Tutorial Files ...
jade \
    -t sgml \
    -d /usr/lib/sgml/stylesheets/nwalsh-modular/html/ldp.dsl\#html \

function makehtml {
echo;echo Creating html file: $1.html ...
jade \
    -t sgml \
    -d /usr/lib/sgml/stylesheets/nwalsh-modular/html/docbook.dsl \
    -V nochunks \
    $1.sgml > $1.html 

function maketxt {
	if [ -f $1.html ]
		echo;echo Creating text file: $1.txt ...
		lynx -dump $1.html > $1.txt
		echo;echo $1.html not found, creating ...
		makehtml $1
		maketxt $1

function makepdf {
	[ -f $ ] && gzip $

	if [ -f $ ]
		echo;echo Creating pdf file: $1.pdf ...
		gzip -dc $ | 
		gs -q -dNOPAUSE -dBATCH -sDEVICE=pdfwrite -sOutputFile=$1.pdf -
		echo;echo $ not found creating ...
		makeps $1
		makepdf $1

function maketex {
echo;echo Creating TeX file $1.tex ... 
jade \
    -t tex \
    -d /usr/lib/sgml/stylesheets/cygnus-both.dsl\#print \
gzip $1.tex
echo $1.tex gzipped to $1.tex.gz

function makedvi {
echo;echo Creating DVI file $1.dvi ...
db2dvi $1.sgml  >/dev/null 2>&1
echo See $1.log for errors
gzip $1.dvi
echo $1.dvi gzipped to $1.dvi.gz

function makeps {
echo;echo Creating PS file $ ...
db2ps $1.sgml  >/dev/null 2>&1
echo See $1.log for errors
gzip $
echo $ gzipped to $

#### Begin Main Program

echo "
makehowto utility for generating HOWTO from SGML file.
(c) Murty Rompalli

[ x$1 = x ] && 
echo "Error. Usage: $0 abc.sgml '{tut|html|pdf|tex|dvi|ps|all}'

Option 'all' is default if sgml file is the only option supplied.

tut	Make complete tutorial, i.e., generate necessary html files
html	Make a printable single HTML file
pdf	Make a PDF file
tex	Make a TeX source file, gzipped
dvi	Make a DVI file, gzipped
ps	Make a PostScript file, gzipped
all	Generate all possible formats.

" && exit

file="`echo $1|sed 's/\.sgml$//'`"

[ x$file = x ] && 
echo Error. Usage: $0 abc.sgml '{tut|html|tex|dvi|ps|all}' && exit

[ -f $file.sgml ] || {
echo Error. $file.sgml does not exist

[ -r $file.sgml ] || {
echo Error. $file.sgml not readable

if [ x$2 = x ]

case $action in
tut|tutorial) maketut $file  
html|htm) makehtml $file  
tex|latex) maketex $file 
dvi) makedvi $file 
ps) makeps $file 
text|txt) maketxt $file
pdf) makepdf $file
all) 	maketut $file  
	makehtml $file  
	maketex $file  
	makedvi $file
	makeps $file
	maketxt $file
	makepdf $file
*) echo error 

\rm -f $file.aux
\rm -f $file.tex
\rm -f $file.dvi

echo;echo makehowto: Finished
echo You can review $file.log and delete it.
echo Thank you for using makehowto.

You can also just type ./makehowto ataraid.sgml pdf, for example, if you just want create PDF version. Just type ./makehowto to get more help on using the script. Click here to download this makehowto script.

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