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4. Preparing RedHat 7.2 CDs


If you already have Red Hat Linux 7.2 CDs 1 and 2, skip this step. Otherwise, read this step to learn how you can get them for free.

  1. Logon to a Windows computer that has a CD Writer drive installed and setup properly. Insert a blank CD-R into the CD Writer.

  2. Point your browser to the Red Hat Web site:

  3. Browse and locate enigma-disc1.iso (the first disk of Red Hat 7.2), and save this file to your Windows desktop.

  4. Right-click on the iso image created on your desktop and choose "Record to CD" It will then write the iso image onto your CD-R and create disk-1.

  5. Repeat the procedure for the second iso file named enigma-disc2.iso on

  6. Test to make sure your CD-Rs are indeed readable. If you click on ╩My Computer╚ and click on the CD Writer Drive icon, you should be able to browse the contents of the CD-R.

  7. Label the CD-Rs properly: RH 7.2 disk-1 and RH 7.2 disk-2

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