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9. Configuring a NET/ROM interface for TCP/IP

Configuring a NET/ROM interface for TCP/IP is almost identical to configuring an AX.25 interface for TCP/IP.

Again you can either specify the ip address and mtu on the nrattach command line, or use the ifconfig and route commands, but you need to manually add arp entries for hosts you wish to route to because there is no mechanism available for your machine to learn what NET/ROM address it should use to reach a particular IP host.

So, to create an nr0 device with an IP address of, an mtu of 512 and configured with the details from the /etc/ax25/nrports file for a NET/ROM port named netrom you would use:

# /usr/sbin/nrattach -i -m 512 netrom
# route add nr0

or you could use something like the following commands manually:

# /usr/sbin/nrattach netrom
# ifconfig nr0 netmask hw netrom VK2KTJ-9
# route add nr0

Then for each IP host you wish to reach via NET/ROM you need to set route and arp entries. To reach a destination host with an IP address of at NET/ROM address BBS:VK3BBS via a NET/ROM neighbour with callsign VK2SUT-0 you would use commands as follows:

# route add nr0
# arp -t netrom -s vk2sut-0
# nrparms -nodes vk3bbs + BBS 120 6 sl0 vk2sut-0

The `120' and `6' arguments to the nrparms command are the NET/ROM quality and obsolescence count values for the route.

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