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11. Making AX.25/NET/ROM/ROSE calls

Now that you have all of your AX.25, NET/ROM and ROSE interfaces configured and active, you should be able to make test calls.

The AX.25 Utilities package includes a program called `call' which is a split screen terminal program for AX.25, NET/ROM and ROSE.

A simple AX.25 call would look like:

/usr/bin/call radio VK2DAY via VK2SUT

A simple NET/ROM call to a node with an alias of SUNBBS would look like:

/usr/bin/call netrom SUNBBS

A simple ROSE call to HEARD at node 5050882960 would look like:

/usr/bin/call rose HEARD 5050882960

Note: you must tell call which port you wish to make the call on, as the same destination node might be reachable on any of the ports you have configured.

The call program is a line mode terminal program for making AX.25 calls. It recognizes lines that start with `˜' as command lines. The `˜.' command will close the connection.

Please refer to the man page in /usr/man for more information.

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