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18. Associating AX.25 callsigns with Linux users

There are a number of situations where it is highly desirable to associate a callsign with a linux user account. One example might be where a number of amateur radio operators share the same linux machine and wish to use their own callsign when making calls. Another is the case of PMS users wanting to talk to a particular user on your machine.

The AX.25 software provides a means of managing this association of linux user account names with callsigns. We've mentioned it once already in the PMS section, but I'm spelling it out here to be sure you don't miss it.

You make the association with the axparms command. An example looks like:

# axparms -assoc vk2ktj terry

This command associates that AX.25 callsign vk2ktj with the user terry on the machine. So, for example, any mail for vk2ktj on the pms will be sent to Linux account terry.

Remember to put these associations into your rc file so that they are available each time your reboot.

Note you should never associate a callsign with the root account as this can cause configuration problems in other programs.

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