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How to Develop Accessible Linux Applications

Sharon Snider

v1.1, 2002-05-03

Revision History
Revision v1.12002-05-03Revised by: sds
Converted to DocBook XML and updated broken links.
Revision v1.02002-01-28Revised by: sds
Wrote and converted to DocBook SGML.

Table of Contents
1. Introduction
2. Developing Accessible Applications
2.1. Principles for Developing Accessible Applications
3. Guidelines for Developing Accessible Applications
3.1. Keyboard Navigation
3.2. Mouse Interaction
3.3. Graphical Elements and Objects
3.4. Fonts and Text
3.5. Color and High Contrast Settings
3.6. Magnification
3.7. Audio
3.8. Animation
3.9. Focus
3.10. Visual Focus Indicator
3.11. Timing
3.12. Documentation
4. Additional Resources:

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