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12.3. Policing filters

To make even more complicated setups possible, you can have filters that only match up to a certain bandwidth. You can declare a filter to entirely cease matching above a certain rate, or only to not match only the bandwidth exceeding a certain rate.

So if you decided to police at 4mbit/s, but 5mbit/s of traffic is present, you can stop matching either the entire 5mbit/s, or only not match 1mbit/s, and do send 4mbit/s to the configured class.

If bandwidth exceeds the configured rate, you can drop a packet, reclassify it, or see if another filter will match it.

12.3.1. Ways to police

There are basically two ways to police. If you compiled the kernel with 'Estimators', the kernel can measure for each filter how much traffic it is passing, more or less. These estimators are very easy on the CPU, as they simply count 25 times per second how many data has been passed, and calculate the bitrate from that.

The other way works again via a Token Bucket Filter, this time living within your filter. The TBF only matches traffic UP TO your configured bandwidth, if more is offered, only the excess is subject to the configured overlimit action.

12.3.2. Overlimit actions

If your filter decides that it is overlimit, it can take 'actions'. Currently, three actions are available:

12.3.3. Examples

The only real example known is mentioned in the 'Protecting your host from SYN floods' section.

FIXME: if you have used this, please share your experience with us

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