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4.2. Starting

The first time you install Caudium from the sources, you will need to type the following commands:

# su -
# cd /usr/local/caudium
# ./install

This script will allow you to give login information for the Configuration InterFace (CIF.), the web based configuration interface, and the port address for the CIF.. But if you want to start Caudium manually, you don't need to use install, just use the start script. This script will fork Caudium once and restart it automatically if it dies. A consequence is that if you kill start, the server will always be running but it will not restart if it dies.

There are many useful options to start. The first is --help. Here is a non-exhaustive list of options:

Finally, the most important thing is debug log files. These files are stored in ../logs/debug (relative to /usr/local/caudium/server in our example). The current log file is named default.1. The log file from the last Caudium start is default.2 and so on. If you didn't enable debug, these files are always used but contain very few messages.


The location of files may be different on your system if you are using a prepackaged version of the software.

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