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1. Introduction

1.1 Objectives

This document shows some typical scenarios for easy start using Diald. These scenarios include a connection from a standalone computer to an ISP using PPP over a modem without using pon/poff or ppp-on/ppp-off to a proxy/firewall server with different Internet connections through various ISPs.

In the present document, the following scenarios will be treated:

In following versions of this document, other scenarios will be added, as multiple instances of Diald, ISDN lines and lines used to call and receive calls.

Before this document, a Diald-mini-Howto exist, wrote by Harish Pillay, that presented and example of connection to an ISP using a chat based authentication scheme (login and password previous to the pppd start, with no use of PAP or CHAP).

Example configuration files will be included in this document to serve as starting point to get Diald up. To obtain maximum performance and all programs attributes, it is necesary you read all documentation from the programs and reconfigure the example configuration files included here.

Finally, configuration files can be in different directories depending on what GNU/Linux distribution you are using. If you find a file commented here in other directory, please, write me.

1.2 New versions

Latest version of this document can be found in my web page, in SMGL and HTML formats. Other versions and formats can be found in Spanish in the Insflug web site,, and in other languages in the LDP - Linux Documentation Project,

1.3 Thanks

I want to be grateful to the people that help me to get my first Diald up and running with their example files (somebody who's name i forgot, Mr Cornish Rex, Hoo Kok Mun and John Dalbec), to the people that have wrote me to send corrections and suggestions for this document (Tim Coleman, Jacob Joseph, Paul Schmidt and Jordi Mallach), to the future translators of this document to other languages, and, of course, to all the people that have developed and develops Diald for us.

This document was originally wrote in Spanish. The own author translated it, and some people made corrections.

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