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Contacting the developers

Bug reports

Start by narrowing the problem down. Is it specific to Linux, or does it happen with gcc on other systems? Is it specific to the kernel version? Library version? Does it go away if you link static? Can you trim the program down to something short that demonstrates the bug?

Having done that, you'll know what program(s) the bug is in. For GCC, the bug reporting procedure is explained in the info file. For or the C or maths libraries, send mail to If possible, include a short and self-contained program that exhibits the bug, and a description both of what you want it to do, and what it actually does.

Helping with development

If you want to help with the development effort for GCC or the C library, the first thing to do is join the mailing list. If you just want to see what the discussion is about, there are list archives at . The second and subsequent things depend on what you want to do!

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