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Luiz Ernesto Pinheiro MalХre

v1.07, 2002-09-16

Revision History
Revision 1.072002/09/16
Typo correction.
Revision 1.062002/07/17
Migration to DocBook XML standard, revision of the role document. Introducing OpenLDAP 2.1.
Revision 1.052001/06/22Revised by: lepm
Correction of long lines that were causing inconsistences on the PDF version of the document.
Revision 1.042001/02/28Revised by: lepm
Correction of more typos and update on the following sections: Roaming Access, Authentication using LDAP.
Revision 1.032000/09/28Revised by: lepm
Presenting OpenLDAP 2.0, which comprises LDAPv3, as defined on RFC2251
Revision 1.022000/09/13Revised by: lepm
Correction of typos and addition of the section History of Releases.
Revision 1.012000/02/15Revised by: lepm
Added the following sections: LDAP Migration Tools, Authentication using LDAP, Graphical LDAP tools, RFCs.
Revision 1.001999/06/20Revised by: lepm
Initial version.

Table of Contents
1. Introduction
1.1. What's LDAP ?
1.2. How does LDAP work ?
1.3. LDAP backends, objects and attributes
1.4. New versions of this document
1.5. Opinions and Sugestions
1.6. Acknowledgments
1.7. Copyright and Disclaimer
2. Installing the LDAP Server
2.1. Pre-Requirements
2.2. Downloading the Package
2.3. Unpacking the Software
2.4. Configuring the Software
2.5. Building the Server
3. Configuring the LDAP Server
3.1. Configuration File Format
3.2. Global Directives
3.3. General Backend Directives
3.4. General Database Directives
3.5. BDB Database Directives
3.6. LDBM Database Directives
3.7. Access Control Examples
3.8. Configuration File Example
4. Running the LDAP Server
4.1. Command Line Options
4.2. Starting the LDAP Server
4.3. Killing the LDAP Server
5. Database Creation and Maintenance
5.1. Creating a Database online
5.2. Creating a Database offline
5.3. More on the LDIF Format
5.4. The ldapsearch, ldapdelete and ldapmodify utilities
6. Additional Information and Features
6.1. LDAP Migration Tools
6.2. Authentication using LDAP
6.3. Graphical LDAP tools
6.4. Logs
7. References
7.1. URL's
7.2. Books
7.3. RFC's
List of Tables
3-1. Debugging Levels
3-2. Database Backends
4-1. Debugging Levels

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