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29. Appendix I: Example III: SPARC Solaris

The following section is the basic design used at work for a number of Sun SPARC servers running Solaris 2.5.1 in an industrial development environment. It serves a number of database and cad applications in addition to the normal services such as mail.

Simplicity is emphasized here so /usr/lib has not been split off from /usr.

This is the basic layout, planned for about 100 users.

   Drive:        SCSI 0                      SCSI 1

   Partition     Size (MB)   Mount point    Size (MB)   Mount point

     0           160         swap           160         swap
     1           100         /tmp           100         /var/tmp
     2           400         /usr
     3           100         /
     4            50         /var
     6           remainder   /local0        remainder   /local1

Due to specific requirements at this place it is at times necessary to have large partitions available on a short notice. Therefore drive 0 is given as many tasks as feasible, leaving a large /local1 partition.

This setup has been in use for some time now and found satisfactorily.

For a more general and balanced system it would be better to swap /tmp and /var/tmp and then move /var to drive 1.

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