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2. Component installation

2.1. Preparations

You have two options

I recommend using Bruce Guenter's rpm releases, since they are well patched, and its what I used for building my systems.

2.1.1. Get source rpms

You will need:

For Courier-imap you must build the source rpm from the tar file (instructions will follow).

2.1.2. Get binary rpms

Qmail does not come in binary form. Such packages are explicitly disallowed by the author of Qmail, and frustrating as it may be, I understand his reasoning.

Courier-imap does not come in binary form, unless you want to use the one I built. If you want mine, visit

VMailMgr does not come in binary form that supports Courier-imap, unless you want to use the one I built. If you want mine, email me, and I will send it.

* For qmail, you must always compile yourself due to the license restrictions. ** For Courier-imap you must build the binary rpm from the tar file (instructions will follow) or email me for my binary rpm.

2.1.3. Get deb packages

There are multiple locations for qmail and vmailmgr deb packages. Courier-imap is part of the normal debian applications.

You can get them in the following locations:

The packages by Hon are current and even include support for courier-imap, which was a great help for me, so I am going to use a combination of them for my examples. You can of course choose the ones you want for yourself, but your results may vary.

You will need:

2.1.4. Get tarred sources (for non-RPM users)

If your system does not have, or you do not use RPMS, you can install from source.

(*) There may be minor differences in these instructions due to the use of the standard
Qmail package. Please review the documentation for Qmail and VMailMgr if any of
the files deviates from my instructions.

2.2. Install support packages

2.3. Install Qmail

2.4. Install Courier-imap

2.5. Install VMailMgr

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