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Appendix F. References, Credits and Corrections

WEB. The following references are found on the web. Please alert the author if any of these links become stale.

[W1] SCSI (draft) standards, resources:

[W2] Eric Youngdale is the chief architect of the Linux SCSI subsystem:

[W3] Jens Axboe maintains the cdrom subsystem which includes sr:

[W4] The author's scsi generic (sg) site is: The Linux Documentation Project's site includes the . A (possibly later) version of that document can be found at . The sg_utils and sg3_utils packages, as tarballs and as binary and source rpms can also be found on this page. These packages and others available for the sg driver are discussed at

[W5] Richard Gooch's devfs site:

[W6] Kurt Garloff's site (including the scsidev and the scsiinfo utilities): Kurt also has the damaged media rescue program dd_rescue at this site:

[W7] Drew Eckhardt's SCSI-HOWTO from 1996 (in ASCII):

[W8] Linux Documentation Project (LDP):

[W9] SCSI Trade Association site has a lot of useful information:

[W10] SCSI FAQ site - useful source of information and links:

NEWSGROUPS. The following entries are actually reflectors rather than newsgroups. Various web locations archive their contents (e.g.

[N1] Linux SCSI reflector: . This is a relatively low volume (circa 200 postings per month) Linux SCSI specific group that many of the SCSI subsystem maintainers monitor.

[N2] Linux kernel reflector: . This is a relatively high volume (circa 5000 postings per month) group for all aspects of the Linux kernel. The Linux SCSI reflector should be tried first.

BOOKS. Here are some books that the author found useful.

[B1] "Linux Device Drivers" Second edition by Alessandro Rubini and Jonathan Corbet [O'Reilly 2001 ISBN 0-596-00008-1] This is a solid text on Linux device drivers including some information on the SCSI subsystem. It covers the block subsystem well and has many char device driver examples. It has been updated for the Linux 2.4 series kernels and also includes information on the Linux 2.2 and 2.0 series. This book is highly recommended. The authors and the publisher have unselfishly made this book available under the GNU Free Documentation License (version 1.1). It can be found in html at .

[B2] "Running Linux" 3rd edition by M. Welsh, M. K. Dalheimer & L. Kaufman [O'Reilly 1999 ISBN 1-56592-469-X] This is a classic Linux tome which includes some SCSI configuration info.

[B3] "The Programmer's Guide to SCSI" by Brian Sawert [Addison Wesley 1998 ISBN 0-201-18538-5] This book covers many SCSI topics, including the pass through mechanisms of Linux (sg) and ASPI/ASPI32 as used by Windows.

CREDITS. The author is grateful for the following contributions:

CORRECTIONS and SUGGESTIONS. Please send any corrections or suggestions to the author at or .

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