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Chapter 3. Identifying the version of the SG driver

Earlier versions of the sg device driver either have no version number (e.g. the original driver) or a version number starting with "2". The drivers that support this new interface have a major version number of "3". The sg version numbers are of the form "x.y.z" and the single number given by the SG_GET_VERSION_NUM ioctl() is calculated by (x * 10000 + y * 100 + z). The sg driver discussed here will yield a number greater than or equal to 30000 from SG_GET_VERSION_NUM. The version number can also be seen using cat /proc/scsi/sg/version in the new driver. This document describes sg version 3.1.24 for the lk 2.4 series. Where some facility has been added during the lk 2.4 series (e.g. mmap-ed IO) and hence is not available in all versions of the lk 2.4 series, this is noted. [1]

Here is a list of sg versions that have appeared to date during the lk 2.4 series.



There is an sg version 3.0.19 which is an optional driver for the lk 2.2 series. It has the following limitations:

  • maximum size of SCSI commands is 12 bytes

  • sense buffer limited to 16 bytes

  • resid (residual data transfer count) is always 0

  • direct and mmap-ed IO not supported (defaults to indirect IO)

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