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Appendix E. Other references

The primary site for SCSI information, standards (draft and emerging) and related reseources is

The most recent news on the sg driver can be found at: .

Some notes on the sg v3 driver can be found at: . For some timings (and CPU utilizations) comparisons between direct and indirect IO see:

The Linux Documentation Project's SCSI-2.4-HOWTO may help to put this driver into perspective: . The most recent version of that document can be found at .

To understand the inner workings of device drivers there is a fine book called "Linux Device Drivers", second edition by Alessandro Rubini and Jonathan Corbet published by O'Reilly [ISBN 0-596-00008-1]. The authors and the publisher have unselfishly made this book available under the GNU Free Documentation License (version 1.1). It can be found in html at .

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