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9. SILO.

The Sparc Improved Boot LOader ( SILO ), is the boot loader that is used in the SPARC architecture. It allows you to boot Linux, Solaris or SunOS. It can load a Linux kernel from ext2, iso9660, UFS or ROMFS. From the SILO's README:

This is the first attempt at a complete boot loader for Linux on the Sparc. Because of the lack of space on the bootblock, we have to do it in two steps, the first step is a very simple loader based on Peter Zaitcev's silo (we will call this the first stage loader) which should fit in 512B and its sole purpose is to load a more complete bootstrap loader, herein refered to as the second stage boot loader. The cool thing about the second stage loader we implemented is that it makes use of the ext2 library (provided with the ext2fs tools) and some ufs code, and thus allows the loader to access any file on a ext2 fs and ufs, uses silo.conf, handles gunzipping and a lot of other things. This is different from Linux/i386 lilo which needs a map for each kernel. In silo we just keep one map file for the second stage loader, we don't expect you to be changing the second stage loader on your daily routine (you can do so, you will just need to use a tool to reinstall the maps).

Actually, IMHO it is easier to use than LILO.

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