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13. Using XML-RPC with Proprietary Languages

Implementations of XML-RPC are available for the following proprietary programming languages and environments.

13.1. Using XML-RPC with K

(This section of the XML-RPC HOWTO was generously provided by Christian Langreiter.)

K is a language used in finance and database development. To install XML-RPC for K, download it from the Kx website. Uncompress and copy the files into the directory in which you keep your .k programs.

Here's a short client:

\l kxr
.kxr.c[server;"sumAndDifference";2 3]

And here's a server:

\l kxrsc ,("sumAndDifference";{.((`sum;+/x);(`difference;-/x))})

More examples are included in the distribution.

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