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1. About this document

This is the Linux Advocacy mini-HOWTO and is intended to provide guidelines and ideas to assist with your Linux advocacy efforts.

This mini-HOWTO was inspired by Jon ``maddog'' Hall when he responded to a request for feedback on guidelines for advocating Linux during NetDay activities. He responded positively to the guidelines and observed that they were the basis of a list of ``canons of conduct'' that would benefit the Linux community.

This document is available in HTML form at

Nat Makarevitch <> has translated this document into French.

Chie Nakatani <> has translated this document into Japanese.

Janusz Batko <> has translated this document into Polish.

Bruno H. Collovini <> has translated this document into Portuguese.

Mauricio Rivera Pineda <> has translated this document into Spanish.

The author and maintainer of the Linux Advocacy mini-HOWTO is Paul L. Rogers <>.

Comments and proposed additions are welcome.

If you need to know more about the Linux Documentation Project or about Linux HOWTO's, feel free to contact the supervisor Tim Bynum <>. Tim Bynum will post this document to several national and international newsgroups on a monthly basis.

A personal note: Due to various circumstances, I have not been able to dedicate as much time to maintaining this mini-HOWTO and interacting with the Linux community as I would have desired. I apologize for this and if you have attempted to contact me and I was slow in responding, please forgive me being so inconsiderate. While I still have many other commitments, I am anticipating that they will start requiring less time to meet and allow me to catch up on other parts of my life. I appreciate your patience and would like to extend a special thanks to all who have taken the time to suggest additions and corrections.

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