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4. Related Information

Lars Wirzenius, former comp.os.linux.announce moderator and long-time Linux activist, also has some thoughts about Linux advocacy.

Eric S. Raymond provides an analysis of why the development model used by the Linux community has been so successful.

The free software community has recognized that the terms "free software" and "freely available software" are not appropriate in all contexts. For more information about using the term "open-source software" when marketing "free software", please visit the Open Source site.

If you need to brush up on your Linux sales techniques, take a look at the Linuxmanship essay by Donald B. Marti, Jr.

The Linux PR site discusses the importance of press releases to the Linux community. Another way to gain valuable experience in this area is to organize a NetDay at a local school using the guidelines presented in the NetDay How-To Guide.

Linux International's goal is to promote the development and use of Linux.

The Linux Documentation Project is an invaluable resource for Linux advocates.

The Linux Center Project provides a thematical index of resources about Linux and free software.

The Linux Business Applications site provides a forum for organizations that depend on Linux for day-to-day business operations to share their experiences.

Linux Enterprise Computing and Freely Redistributable Software in Business cover resources and topics of interest to those deploying Linux in a business/commercial/enterprise setting.

The Linux Advocacy Project's goal is to encourage commercial application developers to provide native Linux versions of their software.

The Linux CD and Support Giveaway program is helping make Linux more widely available by encouraging the reuse of Linux CD-ROMs.

Specialized Systems Consultants, Inc. (SSC) hosts the Linux Resources site and publishes the Linux Journal.

The linux-biz mailing list is a forum created to discuss the use of Linux in a business environment.

The Linux Mission Critical Systems survey documents successful existing systems which have a large load and are up 24 hours per day.

A number of online publications are now devoted to covering Linux. These include:

Additional links to online publications can be found at the Linux Documentation Project and the Linux Center Project.

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