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2. Preface

This Mini-Howto was written in order to help people who want to use NFS Root mounting to create their client's directories. Please note that there are many ways to accomplish this, depending on your needs and intent. If the clients are individual, and each client has its own users and administrator, it will be necessary to make significant parts of the client dirs not shared with other clients. On the other hand, if the client is intended for multiple users, and are all administrated by the same person (for instance, a computerclass), make as many files as possible shareable in order to make administration more manageable. This Howto will focus on the second issue.

2.1. General Overview

When building a client's root directory, and trying to limit ourselves to the minimum client size, we mainly focus on which files we can share, or mount from the server. In this Howto I will recommend the configuration of a client based on my experience. But beforewe begin please note:

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