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3. Qmail Installation

Follow the INSTALL instructions exactly.


Please take the time to read the Fine documentation completely. The numerals refer to the installation steps in the above INSTALL doc.

3.1 Maildir2smtp

Dan Bernstein has provided a package for sending queued email to an ISP via dial-in. This package is available as serialmailxxx from his site.

Install this package as described in the man page (Thanks Rupert Mazzucco (, it works out of the box!

       maildir2smtp - blast a maildir across SMTP

       maildir2smtp is designed to pass messages along a SLIP  or
       PPP  link.  To set this up on the disconnected end, create
       a new maildir in alias:

          # maildirmake ~alias/pppdir
          # chown -R alias ~alias/pppdir



       into control/virtualdomains and


       into ~alias/.qmail-ppp-default.  Don't  forget  the  extra
       slash in pppdir/.  Then, in the PPP startup script, do

          maildir2smtp ~alias/pppdir alias-ppp- $IP `hostname`

       replacing  $IP with the remote IP address.


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