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6. Wlan Drivers for You Link-Sys Card

You have downloaded the 11 Wlan project. Go a head and read the instruction, and put it under modules. Follow the instructions when you
make config
The one key is to make sure you specify the pcmcia-source as under
and not choose the default it gives you.

Go ahead and
make all
make install

I suggest you read the documentation that comes with it, but essentially, if you have a WAP that is connected to your DSL or cable modem then you have a infrastructure set up. I found that it was best to edit the
under the

To make things easier edit the option

# Use DHCP (via /sbin/dhcpcd, /sbin/dhclient, or /sbin/pump)? [y/n]

to what I have, i.e., set it to yes.

The documentation talks about setting ESSID but when you edit the
you will only see

#=======INFRASTRUCTURE STATION START===================
# SSID is all we have for now
AuthType="opensystem"           # opensystem | sharedkey (requires WEP)

From what I can gather,DesiredSSID means ESSID and it works when the WAP and link-sys pcmcia card share the same name.

At this point, you should reboot and should have a working link-sys card that gets its address via DHCP.

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