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Обобщенный отчет за 21 июля 2018 г.

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    Группа: Русскоязычные блоги

    - Banned in Kazakhstan

    Группа: Программирование и web-технологии

    - InnoDB Cluster in a Nutshell Part 3: MySQL Shell


    - Webinar Wed 7/19: MongoDB Sharding


    - Webinar Wed 7/18: MariaDB 10.3 vs. MySQL 8.0


    - Why Consumer SSD Reviews are Useless for Database Performance Use Case


    - When Should I Use Amazon Aurora and When Should I use RDS MySQL?


    - ProxySQL 1.4.9 and Updated proxysql-admin Tool Now in the Percona Repository


    - InnoDB Cluster in a Nutshell: Part 2 MySQL Router


    - This Week in Data with Colin Charles 45: OSCON and Percona Live Europe 2018 Call for Papers

    - PHP дайджест #15: що буде в PHP 8, сторя перепису перших версй PHP

    Группа: BSD
    OpenBSD Journal

    - g2k18 hackathon report: Carlos Cardenas on vmm/vmd progress, LACP


    - g2k18 hackathon report: Claudio Jeker on OpenBGPD developments

    Группа: Linux

    - Linux Mint Updates


    - Games Leftovers


    - Microsoft Uses Canonical/Snap as a 'Ramp' Against Bash/UNIX/Linux


    - Mozilla: Privacy Suggestion, Rust Release, Addons, All Hands and VR


    - Cinnamon 4.0 Desktop Environment Promises to Be Fast and Have No Screen Tearing


    - You can now install Debian Linux apps directly from your ChromebookБ─≥s Files app


    - Security: Updates, Ubuntu EoL, Passwords and More


    - Fresh Docker Linux Benchmarks For Summer 2018


    - Wine 3.13


    - Convert video using Handbrake


    - How Linux Makes Your Life Easier


    - Containers: IBM, Yan Vugenfirer and HPC


    - NetBSD 8.0 Ready For Release With Spectre/Meltdown Fix, Initial USB 3.0 Support


    - Debian Development and News


    - 32-Bit Vs. 64-Bit Operating System


    - OSS Leftovers


    - today's howtos


    - Graphics: Intel/DRM-Next, ATI/AMD, and NVIDIA


    - A Fresh Look At The PGO Performance With GCC 8


    - Games: Civilization VI, Stardew Valley, 40 Linux Games That You Must Play in 2018


    - A Forbes Writer Spent 2 Weeks Using Ubuntu, This is What He ThoughtБ─╕


    - SUSE Linux Enterprise 15 Bridges Barriers Between openSUSE and SLE


    - Open Source Music Tagger MusicBrainz Picard Has a New Major Release After Six Years


    - Apple's Service and Quality


    - Openwashing of Surveillance Giants


    - Vivaldi, Opera and Chrome


    - Android: Video Editors, Antitrust/Forks, and Fuchsia OS


    - Red Hat and Fedora


    - KDE and GNOME: Kubuntu 18.04 Reviewed, Akademy, Cutelyst and GUADEC


    - Software: Music Tagger MusicBrainz, Pulseaudio, COPR, AV1


    - Cloud-Native/Kubernetes/Container/OpenShift


    - Linux Foundation, AGL and Linux Security


    - Security: Huawei, Singapore, and Voting Machines With Back Doors

    - GSoC Half Way Through

    - Vivaldi's New Qwant Privacy-Focused Search Engine, Microsoft Makes PowerShell Core a Snap, Red Hat Ansible Engine 2.6 No


    - Atomic Modeling with GAMGI

    - Setup secure ProFTPD server on CentOS 7 with TLS


    - How to Install Ghost on Ubuntu 18.04


    - A brief history of text-based games and open source


    - ApacheБ─≥s Project Kafka has released stable latest version 1.1.1


    - Convert video using Handbrake


    - How to Install MongoDB on Debian 9


    - Free eBook from Packt - Linux Mint Essentials


    - An Introduction to Using Git


    - Why Google won't break a sweat about EU ruling


    - How to build a URL shortener with Apache


    - How to Install Grafana Monitoring Tool on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS


    - Music Tagger MusicBrainz Picard 2.0 Ported To Python 3 And PyQt5, Brings Improved UI And More


    - Google Embraces New Kubernetes Application Standard


    - 32-Bit Vs. 64-Bit Operating System

    - Building Containers with HPC Container Maker


    - How to Give IT Project EstimatesБ─■And When Not to Estimate at All


    - Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence


    - What Is Distributed Ledger Technology?


    - 10 Key Attributes of Cloud-Native Applications

    Группа: Блог планеты

    - FSF Blogs: David's Progress on The Free Software Directory, internship weeks 2-3

    Группа: Обновление ПО

    - 07/20 gstreamer 1.14.2


    - 07/20 subversion 1.10.2


    - 07/20 rust 1.27.2

    Группа: Top sites

    - Microsoft PowerShell Core For Linux Now Available as a Snap

    - AMDVLK Vulkan Driver Plumbs New Extensions, Lands A Number Of Fixes


    - Wine 3.13 Released With The MoltenVK macOS Support, Performance Data In The Registry


    - Fresh Docker Linux Benchmarks For Summer 2018


    - TLS 1.3 Via GnuTLS Is Planned For Fedora 29


    - Feral's GameMode 1.2 Released For Optimizing Linux Gaming


    - GNOME 3.29.4 Released As Another Step Towards GNOME 3.30


    - What Build System Should Qt 6 Use?


    - DXVK 0.63 Released With Support For NVIDIA's Latest Driver

    - Open sourcing oomd, a new approach to handling OOMs

    Группа: Русскоязычные системы
    OpenNews mini

    - Выпуск Wine 3.13


    - Компания Microsoft представила Python Language Server


    - Google, Microsoft, Twitter и Facebook основали проект по обеспечению переносимости данных

    Группа: Общие русские новости

    - Вирусописатель всего за день создал ботнет из 18 тыс. маршрутизаторов


    - В Сингапуре произошла самая крупная в истории страны кибератака


    - Иран подготовил фундамент для масштабных кибератак на Европу и США

    Группа: Безопасность
    FreeBSD VuXML

    - vlc -- Use after free vulnerability

    - Bugtraq: Secunia Research: Oracle Outside In Technology Multiple Vulnerabilities


    - Vuln: Cisco SD-WAN Configuration and Management Service CVE-2018-0343 Remote Code Execution Vulnerability

    - The Fundamental Flaw in Security Awareness Programs


    - Debian LTS: DLA-1435-1: dnsmasq regression update


    - ArchLinux: 201807-11: znc: multiple issues


    - Debian LTS: DLA-1436-1: gosa security update


    - [CVE-2018-12998]Zoho manageengine Reflected XSS in multiple


    - [CVE-2018-12999]Zoho manageengine Desktop Central Arbitrary


    - [CVE-2018-12997]Zoho manageengine Arbitrary File Read in


    - [CVE-2018-12996] Zoho manageengine Applications Manager


    - DSA-2018-130: RSA Archerб╝ Multiple Vulnerabilities


    - [CVE-2018-1000211] Public apps can't revoke OAuth access & refresh tokens in Doorkeeper


    - CIRITICAL code injection vulnerability in National Instruments Linux driver package


    - Oracle WebLogic - Multiple SAML Vulnerabilities (CVE-2018-2998/CVE-2018-2933)


    - Capstone disassembler framework v3.0.5 is out!

    Группа: blog_mix

    - Stuff The Internet Says On Scalability For July 20th, 2018

    Группа: none

    - [lkp-robot] [tracing] ecadccb31b: kernel_selftests.ftrace.ftracet ...


    - [lkp-robot] [confidence: ] 499ac3b60f [ 9.040615] WARNING: CPU: ...


    - mmotm 2018-07-20-17-49 uploaded


    - RCU nocb list not reclaiming causing OOM


    - [4.4 STABLE BACKPORT] x86: paravirt: make native_save_fl extern inline


    - RFC on OTi-2108 USB Data Link cable driver implementation


    - Does Linux kernel 4.18-rc5 have drivers for IEEE 802.11AC Wave 2 U ...




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