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Доступны материалы Linux Symposium 2005.

18.07.2005 10:19

Всем, кого интересует будущее Linux, новые разработки, отношения Linux с бизнесом, советую заглянуть в материалы конференции.

Содержимое первого тома с текстами докладов с конференции:

  • Linux Standard Base Development Kit for application building/porting
  • Building Murphy-compatible embedded Linux systems
  • Making Linux bulletproof under load
  • Block Devices and Transport Classes: Where are we going?
  • ACPI in Linux
  • State of the Art: Where we are with the Ext3 filesystem
  • Using a the Xen Hypervisor to Supercharge OS Deployment
  • Active Block I/O Scheduling System (ABISS)
  • UML and the Intel VT extensions
  • SNAP Computing and the X Window System
  • Linux Multipathing
  • Kdump, A Kexec-based Kernel Crash Dumping Mechanism
  • The Novell Linux Kernel Debugger, NLKD
  • Large Receive Offload implementation in Neterion 10GbE Ethernet driver
  • eCryptfs: An Enterprise-class Encrypted Filesystem for Linux
  • We Are Not Getting Any Younger: A New Approach to Time and Timers
  • Automated BoardFarm: Only Better with Bacon
  • The BlueZ towards a wireless world of penguins
  • On faster application startup times: Cache stuffing, seek profiling, adaptive preloading
  • Building Linux Software with Conary
  • Profiling Java on Linux
  • Testing the Xen Hypervisor and Linux Virtual Machines
  • Accelerating Network Receive Processing
  • dmraid - device-mapper RAID tool
  • Usage of Virtualized GNU/Linux for Binary Testing Across Multiple Distributions
  • DCCP on Linux
  • The sysfs Filesystem
  • Using genetic algorithms to autonomically tune the kernel

Содержимое второго тома:

  • PCI Express Port Bus Driver Support for Linux
  • pktgen the linux packet generator
  • TW I N: A Window System for `Sub-P DA' Devices
  • RapidIO for Linux
  • Locating System Problems Using Dynamic Instrumentation
  • Xen 3.0 and the Art of Virtualization
  • Examining Linux 2.6 Page-Cache Performance
  • Trusted Computing and Linux
  • NPTL Stabilization Project
  • Networking Driver Performance and Measurement - e1000 A Case Study
  • nfsim: Untested code is buggy code
  • Hotplug Memory Redux
  • Enhancements to Linux I/O Scheduling
  • Chip Multi Processing aware Linux Kernel Scheduler
  • interface to a comprehensive online bioinformatics resource
  • Ho Hum, Yet Another Memory Allocator. . .
  • Beagle: Free and Open Desktop Search
  • Glen or Glenda
  • LINUX R Virtualization on Virtual IronTM VFe
  • Clusterproc: Linux Kernel Support for Clusterwide Process Management
  • Flow-based network accounting with Linux
  • Introduction to the InfiniBand Core Software
  • Linux Is Now IPv6 Ready
  • The usbmon: USB monitoring framework
  • Adopting and Commenting the Old Kernel Source Code for Education

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