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webcollage ()
  • >> webcollage (1) ( Solaris man: Команды и прикладные программы пользовательского уровня )
  • webcollage (1) ( Linux man: Команды и прикладные программы пользовательского уровня )
         webcollage - decorate the screen with random images from the
         webcollage [-display host:display.screen] [-root] [-verbose]
         [-delay secs] [-timeout secs] [-background bg] [-filter com-
         mand] [-filter2 command] [-http-proxy host[:port]]
         The webcollage program pulls random image off of  the  World
         Wide  Web  and scatters them on the root window.  One satis-
         fied customer described it as "a nonstop pop culture  brain-
         bath."   This  program  finds its images by doing random web
         searches, and extracting images from the returned pages.  It
         places  the  images  on  the  root  window by using the gif-
         topnm(1), djpeg(1),  and  xli(1),  xv(1),  or  xloadimage(1)
         webcollage is written in perl(1) and requires Perl 5.
         webcollage accepts the following options:
         -root   Draw on the root window.  This option is  manditory:
                 drawing  to  a  window other than the root window is
                 not yet supported.
         -verbose or -v
                 Print diagnostics to stderr.  Multiple  -v  switches
                 increase  the  amount  of output.  -v will print out
                 only the URLs of the images; -vv will print all  the
                 commands  being  run;  and -vvv will print more than
                 you care about.
         -delay seconds
                 How long to sleep between images.  Default 1 second.
                 (Remember that this program probably spends a lot of
                 time waiting for the network.)
         -background color-or-ppm
                 What to use for the background onto which images are
                 pasted.  This may be a color name, a hexadecimal RGB
                 specification in the form '#rrggbb', or the name  of
                 a PPM file.
         -timeout seconds
                 How long to wait for a URL to complete before giving
                 up  on it and moving on to the next one.  Default 30
         -filter command
                 Filter all source images through this command.   The
                 command  must  take a PPM file on stdin, and write a
                 new PPM file to  stdout.   One  good  choice  for  a
                 filter would be:
                      webcollage -root -filter 'vidwhacker -stdin -stdout'
         -filter2 command
                 Filter the composite  image  through  this  command.
                 The  -filter  option  applies to the sub-images; the
                 -filter2 applies to the final, full-screen image.
         -http-proxy host:port
                 If you must go through a proxy  to  connect  to  the
                 web,  you  can  specify it with this option, or with
                 the $http_proxy  or  $HTTP_PROXY  environment  vari-
         DISPLAY to get the default host and display number.
                 to get the name of a resource  file  that  overrides
                 the  global resources stored in the RESOURCE_MANAGER
         http_proxy or HTTP_PROXY
                 to get the default HTTP proxy host and port.
         /usr/dict/words or /usr/share/lib/dict/words
              To find the random words to feed to search engines.
         To find random web pages.
         When drawing on the root window, it always uses the  default
         colormap.  This is actually a limitation of xv.  But regard-
         less, when using this program with xscreensaver, it must  be
         given  the  default-n visual specification (see the xscreen-
         saver(1) manual for more details.)
         Only the GIF and JPEG image formats are supported.
         Transparent and animating GIFs are not supported.
         It's slow.
         Too many of the images that it finds are text, not pictures.
         This  is because most of the web is pictures of text.  Which
         is pretty sad.
         X(1),   xscreensaver(1),   xli(1),   xv(1),   xloadimage(1),
         ppmmake(1), giftopnm(1), pnmpaste(1), pnmscale(1), djpeg(1),
         cjpeg(1), xdpyinfo(1), perl(1), vidwhacker(1), dadadodo(1)
         Copyright O 1998, 1999 by  Jamie  Zawinski.   Permission  to
         use,  copy,  modify,  distribute, and sell this software and
         its documentation for any purpose is hereby granted  without
         fee,  provided that the above copyright notice appear in all
         copies and that both that copyright notice and this  permis-
         sion   notice   appear   in  supporting  documentation.   No
         representations are  made  about  the  suitability  of  this
         software  for  any  purpose.  It is provided "as is" without
         express or implied warranty.
         Jamie Zawinski <>, 24-May-98.

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