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English-language GNU/Linux distributions on CD-ROM

(formerly: The Linux distributions HOWTO)

Martin S. Wheeler

StarTEXT document engineering

        England, UK

Revision History
Revision v7.52002-03-15Revised by: ═msw

This document is intended to show prospective users or administrators of a GNU/Linux system the range of choices open to them when deciding on a distribution for the first time. It also aims to help experienced users track the state of the GNU/Linux distributions market. It emphatically does not aim to be a complete list of all GNU/Linux distributions for all platforms and in all languages. The focus is on popular English-language distributions; specifically compiled for the Intel platform; available on CD-ROM; and easily accessible to the first-time user.

Remarks specific to the WikiWikiWeb version

Obviously, the state correspondence between the permanently volatile wiki version of the currently available English-language Linux CD-ROM distributions info, and the semi-static web-page version published by the LDP, will constantly vary. This is the wiki nature. The two should therefore be considered as entirely separate and distinct documents. This said however, it is intended that the wiki version be the more up-to-date, and form a pre-publication basis for regular updates of the LDP web-page version.

Remarks specific to the LDP Wikitext version

The situation is further complicated by the fact that there is yet another wikified version of the text available, in the LDP wikitext database. It is hoped that this version will eventually be editable by anyone who wishes to add their contribution to the common pool of information. Currently however, it is only editable by approved LDP editors.

Table of Contents
1. Introduction
1.1. Background
1.2. New versions of this document
1.3. Recent changes
1.4. Overview of the Linux market
1.5. Personal opinions
2. Best-known distributions
2.1. Caldera OpenLinux
2.2. Debian GNU/Linux
2.3. Mandrake Linux
2.4. Red Hat Linux
2.5. Slackware Linux
2.6. S.u.S.E. Linux
3. Other distributions
3.1. KRUD - Kevin's Red Hat Uber Distribution
3.2. Linux by Libranet
3.3. LinuxGT
3.4. Linux Pro
3.5. Redmond Linux
3.6. Trans-Ameritech Linuxware
3.7. Turbo Linux
3.8. Xandros Linux
3.9. xxxxx Linux
4. Hall of Remembrance
4.1. Corel Linux
4.2. Linux-FT
4.3. Softlanding Linux
4.4. Storm Linux
5. Submissions for inclusion in this document
5.1. Types of submissions
5.2. How to submit
5.3. Submission guidelines
6. Administrivia
6.1. Terms of use
6.2. Acknowledgements

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