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HOWTO Use a Compaq Remote Insight Lights Out Edition for a Headless, Remote Linux Installation

Marc Nozell

Compaq Computer Corporation


Revision History
Revision v1.110 April 2002Revised by: MN
Update for new Red Hat release, new RIB/LOE firmware v2.41 release screenshots, add grub.conf suggestion, misc cleanup of filenames/hostnames.
Revision v1.025 October 2000Revised by: MN
Initial public release.

Table of Contents
1. Introduction
1.1. Trademarks
1.2. Feedback
1.3. Distribution Policy
2. Compaq Remote Insight Lights-Out Background
2.1. Key Features
3. Linux Installation using a Remote Insight Lights-Out
3.1. Hardware Installation
3.2. Setting up a Linux Distribution Point
3.3. Creating a Virtual Floppy Disk
3.4. Downloading a Virtual Floppy Disk to the Server
3.5. Power on and Booting
3.6. Post-installation configuration

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