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4. Installation

4.1 Kernel

If you have a development kernel (2.3.x), you should already have DVD ioctl support, so you just need to make sure you have MTRR support enabled in the kernel configuration, and then compile and install it as you normally would.

If you want to patch your exisiting kernel, start by going to

and downloading the correct patch for your kernel.

If don't know how to install or patch your kernel, you should go read the Kernel HOWTO at:


4.2 LiViD Utilities

To install the LiViD utilities, you need to make sure you have /usr/local/lib somewhere in /etc/

The following commands should compile and install the LiViD utilities on your system. If you have problems, please see the "Problems" section.

        # cd ~/livid/ac3dec
        # ./
        # make
        # make install          
        # cd ~/livid/mpeg2dec
        # ./
        # make
        # make install
        # cd ~/livid/oms
        # ./
        # ./configure
        # make
        # make install

Now the necessary LiViD utilities should be installed. oms needs some special fifo pipes to be created for the DVD data to travel over. These can be made with the following commands (if they don't already exist):

        # mkfifo /tmp/video
        # mkfifo /tmp/audio

One last thing to do. Oms needs /dev/dvd to be a symlink to where your DVD drive resides, such as /dev/hdb1 or /dev/scd0. If it is at /dev/cdrom, you would create the link by typing:

        # ln -s /dev/cdrom /dev/dvd

It is generally a good idea not to make a symlink to a symlink, because it adds unnecessary I/O. Replace /dev/cdrom with the correct device that your dvd drive is on.

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