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4.10. Configuring OS/400 on a IBM AS/400

The descriptions to configure TCP/IP on OS/400 version V4R1M0 running on a AS/400 is beyond the scope of this document.

1) To perform any communications configuration tasks on your AS/400, you must have the special authority of *IOSYSCFG (I/O System Configuration) defined in your user profile. You can check the characteristics of your user profile with the DSPUSRPRF command.

2) Type GO CFGTCP command th reach the Configure TCP/IP menu.

3) Select Option 2 - Work with TCP/IP Routes.

4) Enter a 1 on the Opt field to add a route. * In Route Destination type *DFTROUTE * In Subnet Mask type *NONE * In Type of Service type *NORMAL * In Nex Hop type the address of your gataway (the Linux box)

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