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6.10. Gamers: The LooseUDP patch

The LooseUDP patch allows NAT-friendly games that usually use UDP connections to both WORK and perform quite well behind a Linux IP Masquerade server. Currently, LooseUDP is available as a patch for 2.0.36+ kernels and it is already built into 2.2.3+ kernels though it is now DISABLED by DEFAULT in 2.2.16+ (please see the example rc.firewal ruleset comments for details).

To get LooseUDP running on a 2.0.x kernel, follow the following steps:

To get LooseUDP running on a 2.2.x kernel, follow the following steps:

Once you are running the new LooseUDP enabled kernel, you should be good to go for most NAT-friendly games. Some URLs have been given for patches to make games like BattleZone and others NAT friendly. Please see Section 6.3.1 for more details.

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