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7.5. ( Email list ) - How do I join or view the IP Masquerade and/or IP Masqurade Developers mailing lists and archives?

There are two ways to join the two Linux IP Masquerading mailing lists. The first way is to send an email to To join the Linux IP Masquerading Developers mailing list, send an email to Please see the bullet below for more details.

The second method is to use a WWW browser and subscribe via a form at for the main MASQ list or for the MASQ-DEV list.

Once subscribed, you will get emails from your subscribed list. It should be also noted that both subscribed and NON-subscribed users can access the two list's archives. To do this, please see the above two WWW URLs for more details.

Lastly, please note that you can only post to the MASQ list from the original account/address you used to subscribe.

If you have any problems regarding the mailing list or the mailing list archive, please contact Robert Novak.

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