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Chapter 5. Testing IP Masquerade

Table of Contents
5.1. Loading up the rc.firewall ruleset
5.2. Testing internal MASQ client PC connectivity
5.3. Testing internal MASQ client to MASQ server connectivity
5.4. Testing internal MASQ server connectivity
5.5. Testing internal MASQ server to MASQ client connectivity
5.6. Testing External Internet connectivity
5.7. Testing internal MASQ client to external MASQ server connectivity
5.8. Testing external MASQ ICMP forwarding
5.9. Testing MASQ functionality without DNS
5.10. Testing MASQ functionality with DNS resolution
5.11. Testing more MASQ functionality with DNS
5.12. Any remaining functional, performance, etc. issues...

Finally, it's time to give IP Masquerading an official try after all this hard work. If you haven't already rebooted your Linux box, do so to make sure the machines boots ok, executes the /etc/rc.d/rc.firewall ruleset, etc. Next, make sure that both the internal LAN connection and connection of your Linux hosts to the Internet is okay.

Follow these -11- tests to make sure all aspects of your MASQ setup is running properly:

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