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4. Enabling user selection icons in the login dialog box

In RedHat 6.1, the default KDE login window shows a dialog box with a space to type in the user name, one in which to type the user password, and a drop down list to select the window manager/desktop environment of choice. By making the following changes to /usr/share/config/kdmrc, user icons will appear in the top of the login box. Here is what the default lines that control user icon view in kdmrc look like (other lines between these two are not shown, and are represented by "..."):


Here are the same lines after editing; delete the comment character ("#") in front of "Users=..." and change "johndoe" to your username (if there are more user accounts on your system, you may add their usernames here, separated by semi-colons as shown). Change "UserView=false" to "UserView=true" as shown here:


Now, when you login, you may click on an icon with the mouse to enter the user name; you must still type in your password.

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