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4. LKM Utilities

The programs you need to load and unload and otherwise work with LKMs are in the package modutils. You can find this package in this directory.

This package contains the following programs to help you use LKMs:


Insert an LKM into the kernel.


Remove an LKM from the kernel.


Determine interdependencies between LKMs.


Kerneld daemon program


Display symbols that are exported by the kernel for use by new LKMs.


List currently loaded LKMs.


Display contents of .modinfo section in an LKM object file.


Insert or remove an LKM or set of LKMs intelligently. For example, if you must load A before loading B, Modprobe will automatically load A when you tell it to load B.

Changes to the kernel often require changes to modutils, so be sure you're using a current version of modutils whenever you upgrade your kernel. modutils is always backward compatible (it works with older kernels), so there's no such thing as having too new a modutils.

Warning: modprobe invokes insmod and has its location hardcoded as /sbin/insmod. There may be other instances in modutils of the PATH not being used to find programs. So either modify the source code of modutils before you build it, or make sure you install the programs in their conventional directories.

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