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19. Credits

Special thanks to Jacob Langford, author of pdq, who finally gave us something better than the smattering of scripts globbed onto a 20 year old overgrown line-printer control program.

The smbprint information is from an article by Marcel Roelofs <>.

The nprint information for using Netware printers was provided by Michael Smith <>.

The serial printers under lpd section is from Andrew Tefft <>.

The blurb about gammas and such for gs was sent in by Andreas <>.

The two paragraphs about the 30 second closing_wait of the serial driver was contributed by Chris Johnson <>.

Robert Hart sent a few excellent paragraphs about setting up a print server to networked HPs which I used verbatim.

And special thanks to the dozens upon dozens of you who've pointed out typos, bad urls, and errors in the document over the years.

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