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7. Where to get more information

On-line help is available on your cdrom. If your computer is set up to mount the CD-ROM to /mnt/cdrom/ the help is located in /mnt/cdrom/help/contents.htm. Open it with Netscape Navigator, or any other web browser that supports tables. Style sheets support is recommended, but not necessary.

A FAQ is available for the UNIX version of Adaptive Server Anywhere at,3693,1011965,00.html

Check if there have been any bug fixes or updates posted at

Newsgroups can be read from the web or with a news reader. The newsgroups sybase.public.sqlanywhere.general and sybase.public.sqlanywhere.linux are most likely to be relevant. To view newsgroups on the web, visit Be sure to search old threads for similar problems. It may already have been resolved.

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