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9. Online VIM help

See the online man pages. At unix shell prompt type 'man vim' and 'man gvim'.

Or inside the gvim session type :help to get the help page. See also Vim Tutorial To see the settings type :set all or :set. To see list of options type :options. To see topics on set type :help set.

                        VIM - main help file

      Move around:  Use the cursor keys, or "h" to go left,
                    "j" to go down, "k" to go up, "l" to go right.
                    ":1" takes you to 1st line of page
                    ":n" takes you to nth line of page
                    "<SHIFT>g" takes you to bottom of page
                    ":/someword/ will search for "someword" in doc

Close this window:  Use ":q<Enter>".

Jump to a subject:  Position the cursor on a tag between |bars| and hit CTRL-].

   With the mouse:  ":set mouse=a" to enable the mouse (in xterm or GUI).
                    Double-click the left mouse button on a tag between |bars|.

        jump back:  Type CTRL-T or CTRL-O.

Get specific help:  It is possible to go directly to whatever you want help
                    on, by giving an argument to the ":help" command |:help|.
                    It is possible to further specify the context:
                          WHAT                  PREPEND    EXAMPLE      ~
                      Normal mode commands     (nothing)   :help x
                      Visual mode commands        v_       :help v_u
                      Insert mode commands        i_       :help i_<Esc>
                      command-line commands       :        :help :quit
                      command-line editing        c_       :help c_<Del>
                      Vim command arguments       -        :help -r
                      options                     '        :help 'textwidth'

list of documentation files:

|howto.txt|     how to do the most common things
|intro.txt|     introduction to Vim
|index.txt|     alphabetical index for each mode
|autocmd.txt|   automatically executing commands on an event
|change.txt|    delete and replace text

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