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Home Electrical Device Control HOWTO

Rui Li

Joy Yokley - Coverted document from Linuxdoc to DocBook v4.1 (SGML).


Revision History
Revision 0.0082003-02-08Revised by: Goldencat
Revision 0.0072002-02-12Revised by: RL
Revision 0.0062001-06-27Revised by: JEY
Revision 0.0052001-06-13Revised by: RL
Revision 0.0042001-06-12Revised by: JEY

This HOWTO will tell you how to use Linux to control your home electrical devices. You will only need to make a very simple circuit to control almost any kind of electrical device using Linux!

Table of Contents
1. Introduction
2. System Requirement
3. Electronic Circuit
4. Examples of Relays
5. Special Thanks
6. Copyright and License

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