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2. What is MMBase?

On their website, the authors say the following about it:

In this document I will describe how to get MMBase running on a Debian Woody System, using as many standard packages as possible. Though it is very easy to run MMBase using their automatic installation tools, you will end up with their version of a webserver, servlet engine and database.

After a few days of playing with my own install, I think I can help others by describing which choices I made to get things running. I do not claim this is the only way, or the best way! But it worked for me :)

The version of MMBase used is 1.5. Ofcourse everything might be different with another version.

MMbase can run together with various webservers, databases, servlet engines and JRE's. The programs/packages/versions I chose are:

Attention: The version numbers are those that were available in the Woody distribution at the time of writing. Except for Java, which came from a different location. See Non standard package(s).

Some other options for databases and webservers are described in the installation notes for MMBase 1.5

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