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3. Prerequisites

You will need a working Debian Woody installation, including apt, and make sure the following packages are installed and working correctly.

3.1 Standard packages

If these packages are not installed, you can do so by typing

  apt-get install packagename 
where packagename is one of the above.

Note: naturally you will need al dependencies too, but apt will take care of that automatically.

3.2 Non standard package(s)

While writing this document, Woody only contains java 1.1, but for MMBase version 1.2 or higher is needed. I installed the packages from Blackdown. A list of Blackdown mirrors is at

I added the following to my /etc/apt/sources.list , but the path might be different for different mirrors:

  deb woody non-free 

After that you can just type

  apt-get install j2sdk1.3  

Note: Although it must be possible to have more JRE's installed next to eachother, I wouldn't recommend it if it's not absolutely neccesary.

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