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5. Configuration files

There are various configuration files that need some adjustment or have to be created.

5.1 apache

In my setup, I created a virtual host to handle all MMBase request, but using a few Alias directors it cannot be too hard to include MMBase somewhere in your normal web tree.

That was for my last setup (HOWTO version 0.1 covering MMBase 1.4).

Using the newest version of Tomcat and Apache, I have troubles getting the two working together. As soon as I find out how to use libapache-mod-webapp or libapache-mod-jk with tomcat4, I will update this HOWTO.

One posible solution is compiling mod-webapp yourself, because the version that comes with Debian seems to be non-standard. This is beyond the scope and intention of this HOWTO.

This also means that by default MMBase will run on port 8180 (directly from the stand-alone Tomcat server. You can change this port in /etc/tomcat4/server.xml

5.2 MMBase

Although many things have to be configured on MMBase itself, I have added a few subjects to this mini-HOWTO.

The database access should be set in WEB-INF/config/modules/jdbc.xml :

        <property name="url">jdbc:mysql://$HOST:$PORT/$DBM?user=mmbaseuser&password=secret<//property>
        <property name="user">url<//property>
        <property name="password">url<//property>
        <property name="database">MMBase<//property>
        <property name="driver"><//property>

And one more line to change to get the mysql connection working. In WEB-INF/config/modules/mmbaseroot.xml make sure you have this setting:

        <property name="database">mysql<//property>

The builder for images contains a path to convert that is not Debian-compliant. Change WEB-INF/config/builders/images.xml

                <property name="ImageConvert.ConverterCommand">bin/convert</property>
                <property name="ImageConvert.ConverterRoot">/usr/</property>
                <property name="ImageConvertClass"></property>

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