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chkfontpath (8)
  • >> chkfontpath (8) ( Solaris man: Команды системного администрирования )
  • chkfontpath (8) ( Linux man: Команды системного администрирования )
         chkfontpath - simple interface  for  adding,  removing,  and
         listing directories in the X font server's path
         chkfontpath [--add <dir>]  [--remove  <path>]  [--list]  [--
         chkfontpath provides a  simple  method  of  configuring  the
         directories  contained  in  the X font server's path.  As of
         Red Hat 6.0, all fonts in X are  served  via  this  separate
         font  server process, not through the main X server process.
         This speeds up font rendering, and also allows use  of  font
         servers which are not running on the local host.
         chkfontpath is mainly used by rpm in its %post  and  %postun
         sections  to  add and remove new directories to the server's
         config file at  installation  and  de-installation  time  of
         packages  containing fonts.  --add <dir> allows you to add a
         directory to the path.  --remove <dir> allows you to  remove
         a  directory  from  the path.  You may query the directories
         currently in the path with --list; this is also the  default
         behavior when no options are specified.
         When directories are added to the path, some sanity checking
         is  performed  to  make  sure you are not adding a directory
         without the file fonts.dir contained in it, which the server
         needs  to  be able to render fonts properly.  When a path is
         succesfully added or removed, the xfs process  is  restarted
         if it is currently running.
         chkfontpath returns 0 on success, or 1 on error.
         /etc/X11/fs/config -
                              configuration file for  the  X  font  server
         Preston Brown <>

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