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mcserv (8)
  • >> mcserv (8) ( Solaris man: Команды системного администрирования )
         mcserv - Midnight Commander file server.
         mcserv [-diqvf] [-p portnum]
         mcserv is the server program for the Midnight Commander net-
         working  file  system.   It provides access to the host file
         system  to  clients  running  the   Midnight   file   system
         (currently, only the Midnight Commander file manager).
         If the program is run as root the program will try to get  a
         reserved port otherwise it will use 9876 as the port.
         If the system has a portmapper running, then the  port  will
         be  registered  with  the  portmapper  and thus clients will
         automatically connect to the right port.  If the system does
         not have a portmapper, then a port should be manually speci-
         fied with the -p option (see below).
         -d   Become a daemon, you should use this flag if you  start
              the program from one of the system startup files.  This
              flag will make the program handle any number of  incom-
              ing  requests  by forking a new copy of itself for each
         -q   Quiet mode.
         -p   To make the server  listen  on  the  specified  portnum
         -f   Force ftp authorization if classic fails. This is  only
              useful on systems whose password checking method is not
              supported by this version of mcserv.  Authorization  is
              then  done by trying to connect to the local ftp server
              and supplying user name and password. Ftp  server  then
              says  whether  are you successfuly logged in or whether
              you typed a wrong password. Use this with care and only
              when necessary.
         -v   Toggle on the verbose mode.
         This program is distributed under the terms of the GNU  Gen-
         eral  Public License as published by the Free Software Foun-
         dation. See the built-in help for details on the License and
         the lack of warranty.
         This program currently uses port  9876,  and  not  a  system
         secure  port.  This is a potential security problem since it
         could be run by any user on the system if the system  daemon
         is not running.
         mc(1), portmap(8)
         The Midnight Commander page on the  World Wide Web:
         Miguel de Icaza (

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