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"Нужен IOS 12.2(17a) для Cisco2650XM"
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Форумы Маршрутизаторы CISCO и др. оборудование. (Public)
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"Нужен IOS 12.2(17a) для Cisco2650XM"  
Сообщение от andreu email(ok) on 04-Фев-08, 14:31 
И вообще обьясните можно ли сделать так чтоб эта циска поддерживала routing

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1. "Нужен IOS 12.2(17a) для Cisco2650XM"  
Сообщение от CrAzOiD (ok) on 05-Фев-08, 00:26 
>И вообще обьясните можно ли сделать так чтоб эта циска поддерживала routing

а как вы поняли что именно эта циска не поддерживает routing?

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2. "Нужен IOS 12.2(17a) для Cisco2650XM"  
Сообщение от andreu email(ok) on 05-Фев-08, 14:14 
>>И вообще обьясните можно ли сделать так чтоб эта циска поддерживала routing
>а как вы поняли что именно эта циска не поддерживает routing?

там нет этой команды              

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3. "Нужен IOS 12.2(17a) для Cisco2650XM"  
Сообщение от CrAzOiD (ok) on 05-Фев-08, 14:28 
>>>И вообще обьясните можно ли сделать так чтоб эта циска поддерживала routing
>>а как вы поняли что именно эта циска не поддерживает routing?
>там нет этой команды

Какой команды???
маршрутизатор без маршрутизации?
Скисок фич поддерживаемых 12.2(17a) серии IP для 2650XM (роутинг есть!):
AAA Broadcast Accounting  
AAA DNIS Map for Authorization  
AAA Server Group  
AAA Server Group Deadtimer  
AAA Server Group Enhancements  
AAA Server Groups Based on DNIS  
ACL - Reflexive Access Lists  
Additional Vendor-Proprietary RADIUS Attributes  
Address Resolution Protocol (ARP)  
Always On Dynamic ISDN (AO/DI)  
Asynchronous Rotary Line Queuing  
Asynchronous Serial Traffic Over UDP  
ATM Cell Loss Priority (CLP) Setting  
AutoInstall Using DHCP for LAN Interfaces  
Automatic modem configuration  
Bandwidth Allocation Control Protocol (BACP)  
BGP 4  
BGP 4 Multipath Support  
BGP 4 Prefix Filter and In-bound Route Maps  
BGP 4 Soft Config  
BGP Soft Reset  
Bidirectional PIM  
CDP (Cisco Discovery Protocol) Version 2  
CEF/dCEF - Cisco Express Forwarding  
CGMP - Cisco Group Management Protocol  
Challege Handshake Authentication Protocol (CHAP)  
Channelized E1 Signaling  
Class Based Ethernet CoS Matching & Marking (802.1p & ISL CoS)  
Class Based Weighted Fair Queuing (CBWFQ)  
Class-Based Marking  
Class-Based Policing  
Class-Based Shaping  
CLI String Search  
Combinet Packet Protocol (CPP)  
Commented IP Access List Entries  
Committed Access Rate (CAR)  
Compression Control Protocol  
Configurable per ATM-VC Hold Queue size  
CT1/RBS (Robbed Bit Signaling)  
CUG Selection Facility Suppress Option  
Custom Queueing (CQ)  
Default Passive Interface  
DHCP Client  
DHCP Proxy Client  
DHCP Relay Agent Support for Unnumbered Interfaces  
DHCP Server  
DHCP Server Options - Import and Autoconfiguration  
Dial Backup  
Dial on Demand Authentication Enhancements  
Dialer Idle Timer Inbound Traffic Configuration  
Dialer Profiles  
Dialer Watch  
Diffserv Compliant WRED  
DNS based X.25 routing  
Double Authentication  
DRP Server Agent  
Dynamic Multiple Encapsulation for Dial-in over ISDN  
E1 R2 Signaling  
Easy IP (Phase 1)  
EIGRP Stub Routing  
Enhanced IGRP (EIGRP)  
Enhanced Local Management Interface (ELMI)  
Express RTP and TCP Header Compression  
Fast-Switched Policy Routing  
Flow-Based WRED  
Frame Relay  
Frame Relay ELMI Address Registration  
Frame Relay Encapsulation  
Frame Relay End-to-End Keepalive  
Frame Relay FRF.9 Payload Compression  
Frame Relay PVC Interface Priority Queueing  
Frame Relay Router ForeSight  
Frame Relay Switching  
Frame Relay Switching Diagnostics and Troubleshooting  
Frame Relay Switching Enhancements: Shaping and Policing  
Frame Relay Traffic Shaping (FRTS)  
Frame Relay Tunnel Switching  
FTP Support for Downloading Software Images  
Generic Routing Encapsulation (GRE)  
Generic Traffic Shaping (GTS)  
Half bridge/half router for CPP and PPP  
HSRP - Hot Standby Router Protocol  
HSRP support for ICMP Redirects  
HTTP Security  
IGMP Version 1  
IGMP Version 2  
IGMP Version 3  
Integrated routing and bridging (IRB)  
Interface Index Persistence  
Interface Range Specification  
Internet Protocol Control Protocol (IPCP) address negotiation  
IP DSCP marking for Frame-Relay PVC  
IP Enhanced IGRP Route Authentication  
IP Multicast Load Splitting across Equal-Cost Paths  
IP Named Access Control List  
IP Precedence for GRE Tunnels  
IP Routing  
IP RTP Priority  
IP SLAs - DHCP Operation  
IP SLAs - Distribution of Statistics  
IP SLAs - DLSW+ Operation  
IP SLAs - DNS Operation  
IP SLAs - FTP Operation  
IP SLAs - History Statistics  
IP SLAs - HTTP Operation  
IP SLAs - ICMP Echo Operation  
IP SLAs - One Way Measurement  
IP SLAs - Reaction Threshold  
IP SLAs - Scheduler  
IP SLAs - SNA LU2 Echo  
IP SLAs - SNMP Support  
IP SLAs - TCP Connect Operation  
IP SLAs - UDP Echo Operation  
IP SLAs - UDP Jitter Operation  
IP Summary Address for RIPv2  
IP to ATM CoS, per-VC WFQ and CBWFQ  
IP-to-ATM CoS  
ISDN Advice of Charge (AOC)  
ISDN Caller ID Callback  
ISDN Cause Code Override  
ISDN Leased Line at 128kbps  
ISDN Network Side for ETSI Net5 PRI  
ISDN-NFAS with D Channel Backup  
Line Printer Daemon (LPD)  
Lock and Key  
Low Latency Queueing (LLQ)  
Low Latency Queueing (LLQ) for Frame Relay  
Message Banners for AAA Authentication  
Microsoft Point-to-Point Compression (MPPC)  
MLPPP - Multilink PPP  
Modem over BRI  
Modular QoS CLI (MQC)  
MS Callback  
MS-CHAP Version 1  
Multicast BGP (MBGP)  
Multicast NAT  
Multicast Routing Monitor (MRM)  
Multicast Source Discovery Protocol (MSDP)  
Named Method Lists for AAA Authorization and Accounting  
NAT - Network Address Translation  
NAT - Support for NetMeeting Directory (Internet Locator Service - ILS)  
NAT-Support of IP Phone to Cisco Call Manager  
National ISDN Switch Types for BRI and PRI Interfaces  
NBAR - Network-based Application Recognition  
NetFlow Aggregation  
NetFlow Policy Routing (NPR)  
Network Side ISDN PRI Signaling, Trunking, and Switching  
Network Time Protocol (NTP)  
Next Hop Resolution Protocol (NHRP)  
On Demand Routing (ODR)  
OSPF Flooding Reduction  
OSPF Not-So-Stubby Areas (NSSA)  
OSPF On Demand Circuit (RFC 1793)  
OSPF Packet Pacing  
PAD Subaddressing  
Parse Bookmarks  
Parser Cache  
Password Authentication Protocol (PAP)  
Per-User Configuration  
PIM Dense Mode State Refresh  
PIM Version 1  
PIM Version 2  
Policy-Based Routing (PBR)  
PPP over ATM  
PPP over Frame Relay  
Priority Queueing (PQ)  
QoS Device Manager (QDM)  
QoS Packet Marking  
QoS Policy Propagation via Border Gateway Protocol (QPPB)  
RADIUS Attribute 44 (Accounting Session ID) in Access Requests  
RADIUS for Multiple User Datagram Protocol Ports  
Random Early Detection (RED)  
Resource Pool Management with Direct Remote Services  
Response Time Reporter (RTR)  
Response Time Reporter (RTR) enhancements  
RFC 1483 for Token Ring Networks  
RGMP - Router-Port Group Management Protocol  
RMON events and alarms  
RSVP - Resource Reservation Protocol  
RSVP Support for Frame Relay  
RTP Header Compression  
Selective Packet Discard (SPD)  
Selective Virtual-Access Interface Creation  
Single Rate 3-Color Marker for Traffic Policing  
Snapshot routing  
SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol)  
SNMP Inform Request  
SNMP Manager  
SNMPv3 (SNMP Version 3)  
Source Specific Multicast (SSM)  
Source Specific Multicast (SSM) - IGMPv3,IGMP v3lite, and URD  
Spanning Tree Protocol (STP)  
Spanning Tree Protocol (STP) Extension  
Standard IP Access List Logging  
Stub IP Multicast Routing  
Subnetwork Bandwidth Manager (SBM)  
Switched Multimegabit Data Service (SMDS)  
Tacacs SENDAUTH function  
Tacacs Single Connection  
Time-Based Access Lists Using Time Ranges  
Transparent Bridging  
Triggered RIP  
Turbo Flooding of UDP Datagrams  
UDLR Tunnel ARP and IGMP Proxy  
Uni-Directional Link Routing (UDLR)  
Unicast Reverse Path Forwarding (uRPF)  
User Maximum Links  
Vendor-Specific RADIUS Attributes  
Virtual Interface Template Service  
Virtual Profile CEF Switched  
Virtual Profiles  
WCCP Redirection on Inbound Interfaces  
WCCP Version 1  
WCCP Version 2  
Weighted Fair Queueing (WFQ)  
Weighted RED (WRED)  
x Digital Subscriber Line (xDSL) Bridge Support  
X.25 Calling Address Insertion and Removal Based on Input Interface  
X.25 Closed User Group  
X.25 Failover  
X.25 Load Balancing  
X.25 on ISDN D-Channel  
X.25 over Frame Relay (Annex G)  
X.25 over TCP (XOT)  
X.25 Remote Failure Detection  
X.25 Switch Local Acknowledgement  
X.25 Switching between PVCs and SVCs  
X.28 Emulation  

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