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5.2 Ports with distribution restrictions

Licenses vary, and some of them place restrictions on how the application can be packaged, whether it can be sold for profit, and so on.

Important: It is your responsibility as a porter to read the licensing terms of the software and make sure that the FreeBSD project will not be held accountable for violating them by redistributing the source or compiled binaries either via FTP or CDROM. If in doubt, please contact the FreeBSD ports mailing list .

In situations like this, the following variables can be set. In addition, ports/LEGAL should also be updated.


This variable indicates that we may not generate a binary package of the application. However, the port's DISTFILES files may be freely distributed.

NO_PACKAGE should also be used if the binary package is not generally useful, and the application should always be compiled from the source code. For example, if the application has configuration information that is site specific hard coded in to it at compile time.

NO_PACKAGE should be set to a string describing the reason why the package should not be generated.

5.2.2 NO_CDROM

This variable indicates that although we are allowed to generate binary packages, we are not allowed to put those packages, or the port's DISTFILES, on to CDROM for resale. The DISTFILES will still be available via FTP.

NO_PACKAGE and NO_CDROM can be set simultaneously.


Set this variable if the application's license also forbids us from mirroring the application's DISTFILES via FTP.

Also set this if the application's license has general restrictions on who may use it. Examples include:


If only some of the distribution files are restricted then set this variable to list them. It defaults to ${DISTFILES} ${PATCHFILES}.

For questions about the FreeBSD ports system, e-mail <>.
For questions about this documentation, e-mail <>.

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