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Chapter 5 Special considerations

Table of Contents
5.1 Shared Libraries
5.2 Ports with distribution restrictions
5.3 Using Perl
5.4 Using X11
5.5 Using automake, autoconf, and libtool
5.6 Using GNOME
5.7 Using KDE
5.8 Using Bison
5.9 Using Java
5.10 Using Python
5.11 Using Emacs
5.12 Using Ruby

There are some more things you have to take into account when you create a port. This section explains the most common of those.

5.1 Shared Libraries

If your port installs one or more shared libraries, define a INSTALLS_SHLIB make variable, which will instruct a to run ${LDCONFIG} -m on the directory where the new library is installed (usually PREFIX/lib) during post-install target to register it into the shared library cache. This variable, when defined, will also facilitate addition of an appropriate @exec /sbin/ldconfig -m and @unexec /sbin/ldconfig -R pair into your pkg-plist file, so that a user who installed the package can start using the shared library immediately and deinstallation will not cause the system to still believe the library is there.

If you need, you can override the default location where the new library is installed by defining the LDCONFIG_DIRS make variable, which should contain a list of directories into which shared libraries are to be installed. For example if your port installs shared libraries into PREFIX/lib/foo and PREFIX/lib/bar directories you could use the following in your Makefile:

    LDCONFIG_DIRS=  %%PREFIX%%/lib/foo %%PREFIX%%/lib/bar

Note that content of LDCONFIG_DIRS is passed through sed(1) just like the rest of pkg-plist, so PLIST_SUB substitutions also apply here. It is recommended that you use %%PREFIX%% for PREFIX, %%LOCALBASE%% for LOCALBASE and %%X11BASE%% for X11BASE.

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